Teaneck New Theatre


TNT consists of a membership core - those who perform onstage as well as those who perform important supporting roles offstage. It's through the members' involvement that TNT is able to continue to offer its audience quality shows at a reasonable price.

The annual membership fee is $25. All persons directly involved in a show are required to hold membership in TNT. This includes the actors, director, producer, lighting designer, costumer, props, set designer, stage manager and crew. One note here, please - payment of the membership fee does not guarantee an actor a future role. Open auditions are held for each production and choice of cast is at the director's discretion. It does, however, provide members with advance notice of auditions for upcoming productions.

There are many more people who contribute their time and expertise behind the scenes to put on a quality production. They also are encouraged to become members in good standing, entitling all active members a voice in the group's future as well as a free ticket to one performance of each show and an invitation to our annual members party.

Of course, TNT gratefully accepts all donations, both monetary and other - and you don't even have to be a member! To all who have supported us in the past, we say THANK YOU and to all of our future benefactors, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!

Board of Directors
Beatriz Esteban-Messina, President
Carol Campione, Vice President
Ed Gross, Secretary
Marilyn Schilkie, Secretary
Nancy Price, Treasurer
Lisa Dascoli
Barbara Liebgott
Dan Liebgott